Best Mobile Apps to Scan Your Documents

As Government of India banned several Chinese apps after the clashes of Indian Army with Chinese soldiers on Indo-Chinese borders, many apps which were important for us also got banned. One of these important apps was CamScanner which was a document or paper scanning app by using mobile camera. CamScanner was banned because of its Privacy and Data Policies which does not meet the requirements of Ministry of Information & Technology, Goverment of India. After all this people started seraching for reliable Indian or Non-Chinese alternative of CamScanner. So here are some of the best and reliable alternative apps which are safe and easy to use. 


KAAGAZ app is an Indian Document Scanner app. It turns your phone camera to a PDF scanner. You can scan any document using your phone. You can scan multiple page documents. Best feature of this app is that there is no Watermarks and no Ads. There are three types of Scanning mode available. You can share these PDF/JPG files via Email or text messaging . Page edges gets detected automatically so you will have a hassle free experience. Inbuilt App lock feature is also available. And it also supports different Indian languages.


It is a free document scanning app from ADOBE. It has integrated OCR technology to instantly recognize printed text and handwriting. You can instantly turn any printed document into a editable PDF file. Cut paper clutter and scan anything to PDF. you can save the scanneed document as JPEG file. You can edit or clean up imperfections. it has a special feature of Intelligent Search. You can easily edit text in PDFs by using OCR. you can choose paage layout and size as per your choice.


Microsoft Ofiice Scan is a PDF scanner to scan documents and printed text. You can convert your your scanned documents to PDF, Word and even to PowerPonit files. Office Lens is a easy and neat app to scan documents. it has a very organized interface for hassle free experince. You can increase your Productivity by this app at work, offices and schools.


Turboscan is a fully featured and powerful document scanning app. You can quickly scan you documents and easily convert them into PDF or JPEG files. it is one of the lightest app when it comes to size. It has a very simple and powerful interface. You can adjust or edit documents after scanning. You can also setup the dcument properties according to you. 

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