Apps for UPSC Preparation (Free) (2020)

Many students have their dream of becoming an IAS or IPS or a reputed officer in higher positions of government. But many of them lose their hope when it comes to the fees and money which will be required to prepare for these exams. Even many can't buy Books of the syllabus as they are too costly so we will tell you a UPSC preparation app to download which provides same books and notes for free. Today we will help you out with this. In 2020 we have more accessibility to Online Education and there are many UPSC preparation apps. Most of the apps take high fees to provide you with books and study material like Byju's UPSC app but hold on. We will tell you about a UPSC preparation app that is completely free. So you don,t need to search apps for UPSC exam. There are many UPSC preparation apps but this app is the best app for IAS and IPS preparation.


UPSC MAG is a free app for UPSC Preparation as well as also for SSC, BANK, RAILWAY, NDA and CDS preparation. It is a completely free app for the aspirants preparing for these exams. It is a heaven for the students who are not able to buy new books and cant join expensive Coachings. 

It provides free books, magazines, newspapers, and also good quality notes for the students. It also gives you a strategy about how to prepare for these exams. MAG Publication is the developer of this app.


**UPSC Quiz App**

Why this is the best UPSC Preparation App?

Here is the answer:

* Free E-Books like- Laxmikant, Ramesh Singh, Bipin Chandra, etc.

* Free News Paper like The Hindu, Indian Express, etc.

* Free YOJNA magazines.

* Free Coaching Notes.

* Previous year Question Papers, Test series, and Toppers Booklet CSE.

* Free Tips and Strategy to prepare effectively.  

**IAS App Download**

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