Invest in Mutual Funds & let your money earn money for you

In 2020 who does not want to earn money? But what if I tell you that your earned money can easily earn money for you. Yes, you can make your money work for you to make more money. And you can do this all by investing your hard earned money wisely. One of the safest options to invest is Banks, but Banks does not give the appropriate growth or interest to your money. Second option which comes to our mind is Stock Market but to invest here you need very good knowledge otherwise you can also loose your money. So the best option to invest your money with good returns is Mutual Funds. You can invest in mutual funds easily just in few clicks by using Mutual Fund apps. There are many Mutual Fund apps, but today we will let you know about the Best Mutual Fund Apps in India. Here are some of the Best and top Mutual Fund Apps in 2020.

1. Groww :

Groww is a trading app which allows you to invest in Mutual Funds. Investing in Groww is fast and safe with its easy to use interface. It is the fastest growing Mutual Fund App in India. Investing on Groww is free and there is no hidden charges. You can invest in direct mutual funs d by SIP or Lumpsum at zero commission. It has 5000+ direct mutual funds in you can invest in just 2 minutes. Explore funds, analyze and pay easily with UPI or other modes.

2. myCAMS :

myCAMS is one of the best financial apps. It has a lot of features like one view of your portfolio, easy switch, purchase and setting up SIP etc. You can easily access multiple Mutual Funds at one place. It is a secure app for your investments. You can easily register by using your PAN and Aadhar Card and complete your KYC. Once the KYC is complete you can invest in any Mutual Fund easily. 

3. Patym Money :

Paytm Money is a very safe and secure app by Paytm. You can open your investment account within few minutes. It is one of the leading app in financial category. You can easily invest  in Direct Mutual Funds and earn higher returns. There is no buying or selling charges. It has special Paytm Investment Packs for beginners which are planned by experts. It has all types of Mutual Fund Schemes and Plans.


ETMONEY is one of the best Mututal Fund apps with around 1crore+ users. You can invest in Mutual Funds, Pensions via NPS, and other plans. You can also buy Health or Term Life Insurance using ETMONEY. It is one the India's highest rated personal finance app. It gives you handpicked fund categories to help the beginners with easy and secure payments. It has various features like Auto reminders, weekly/monthly expense statement and automatic expense trracking.

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