Same Weightage of Every Year, then WHY only Final Year Exams?

As the matter is in the Supreme Court, many of the universities will start conducting the exams by 10 August.

The Supreme Court on Friday did not pass any final order in the ongoing case of challenging UGC guidelines.The next hearing will be on August 10 whereas most of the Univesities will start their final year exams before August 10. 

In the hearing of friday UGC also stated that students should study and do not think exams will be postponed or cancelled. UGC earlier already stated that Universities can conduct exams in anyway offline or online as they want.

 Why only Final Year/Semester Exams?

According to UGC, final year exams are must if they are not conducted there will be a risk in future for the students and their degrees.

Same Weightage of Every Year/Semester:

In Indian Higher Education System, every year/semester has the same Weightage, So if other year/semester students can be promoted then why not final year? As per UGC promotion will have adverse effects on Students job opportunities and degrees then the same will happen to other year/semester students.
During the state of a PANDEMIC & FLOODS in many parts of the country it does not looks a good idea to force students to appear for exams and PM or HRD minister should intervene in the matter.

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