After the Make in India and Vocal for Local announcement by PM Modi, most of us had been searching for an Indian alternative to foreign social media apps. We will tell you about a social media app owned by an Indian. Squeaks is an Indian social media app or we can say it is the best Indian alternative to Facebook. It has a very user-friendly interface and is very easy to use with many exciting features. 

**Squeaks Indian App**

With a smooth and user-friendly interface, it has many brilliant features that everyone wanted to see in An Indian social media application. You just need to create your account using your email id and you will be logged in to the app where you have your own Profile section in which you can add information about you and your photos.

You can easily create Posts with Photos, Videos, Ideas, and Thoughts and can share them with your friends and followers. Like we have verified accounts on Twitter here you will have Pro accounts. It also has in-app Video and Audio call features. Video and Audio calls are of very good quality without any interruption even on slow internet. Neel is the founder and CEO of Squeaks.

Exciting Features :

* Create your own Pages.

* Add and join exclusive events.

* Buy and Sell Products in Marketplace.

* Find your Friends.

* Find Jobs.

* Play entertaining Games.

How to Join :

Download the Squeaks app from Google Play Store. Create your account and login to your profile. Add information and photos to your profile and customize it.

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